Second Marsh Watershed Stewardship Program

The Second Marsh Watershed Stewardship Program aims to improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat in the creek systems that feed into Second Marsh. The Marsh, located at the bottom of a 101 km squared watershed, is fed by three main stream systems, Harmony Creek, Farewell Creek, and Black Creek. These creek systems are supplied by waters from the Oak Ridges Moraine and meander through urban, rural and developing lands. It is the health of these creeks that determines the overall health of Second Marsh.

Through a number of programs, Friends works to protect and enhance the Second Marsh Watershed by:

  • Renaturalizing stream banks and riparian zones.

  • Reducing pollution input.

  • Reducing erosion and other impacts of storm water runoff.

  • Increasing community awareness of the connection between human activities and the health of our streams and Second Marsh.

Friends of Second Marsh would like to extend a special thank-you to the following funders for their continued financial support of the Stewardship Program:


Stewardship is most effective when it is a community affair. By encouraging the voluntary participation by a wide scope of groups and individuals, Friends of Second Marsh is building an understanding of watershed ecology and a sense of ownership of the watershed. This ownership in turn cultivates stewardship.

Both short and long-term partnerships are the mainstay of our watershed stewardship program. We are grateful to the many individuals, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, community groups, businesses, and philanthropic associations that have provided Friends with the muscle, talent, supplies and finances needed to improve the watershed.

Future Vision

The vision for the future of Second Marsh Watershed Stewardship Program includes the following goals:

Rural Areas

  • Encourage long-term stewardship of private lands.

Urban Areas

  • Restoration of streambank and riparian habitat through re-vegetation projects on municipal lands.

  • Water quality awareness through projects such as storm drain marking.

  • Reducing storm sewer runoff through education and rain barrel programs.

Developing areas

  • The creation of stewardship programs for new homeowners.

For more information about the Stewardship Project please phone (905) 723-5047.

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