Trees and Shrub Planting

Since 1997 the Friends' Stewardship Team has coordinated the planting of thousands of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Our volunteer planters have included people from the corporate sector, schools, service clubs, community groups, and the general public.

Their work has contributed to:

  • Shading for stream waters, which provide cooler temperatures that are beneficial to fish such as trout.

  • Wildlife habitat and migration corridors along creeks.

  • Improving infiltration of precipitation into the ground thus reducing surface runoff, erosion and water temperatures feeding the streams.

  • Stabilization of stream banks.

The majority of planting occurs on public land with a small portion of the work conducted on private land. One of Friends' projects included a stretch of stream running through the Harmony Creek Golf Course. The stream was stabilized using "bio-engineering" methods, which include the use of live crib walls and brush layering. The owner and superintendent were so pleased with the results, that they have begun to look at additional opportunities for protecting and improving the stream banks and habitat throughout the property.

If you want to make a tangible difference in your community, contact Friends office to enquire about opportunities.

A special thank-you to our program partners and sponsors:


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